guy fawkes doll mask

Experiment number three with paperclay.  My friend Lexi's love of the movie V is for Vendetta inspired this one.  I started it at her place while I was there for the weekend.

 photo aba8f31b-1161-4bec-9087-067809d5cdd1.jpg

Just in case a doll ever needs to attend Bonfire Night (probably as an effigy) or a hackist rally.

 photo ea5c383d-f3b2-40c1-a93f-40d277474f48.jpg

The mask was sculpted out of paperclay and embellished with watercolour pencils and sharpie.

 photo 47a4c36c-e742-4a03-b8c7-0e61caad1782.jpg

A few of my fleshies, ready for anything.  As of now, the white cloth, big breasted doll, sans mask, has found an artist and I can't wait to see what she becomes.

 photo 8a10a53b-0f7b-4659-a291-93d4214d6965.jpg

Have fleshies, will travel.

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