and now for something completely different

Or maybe not.  Here is boy child's interpretation of our Into the Woods theme in mask.  Into the Woods apparently means flat-out scary.

 photo 8159f237-5027-4ec6-9871-39a3fc2fc6d2.jpg

The skeletal base of the mask is a paper form found at a local craft store.  Boy child fashioned horns from paperclay and added in the implement that, as the storyline goes (masks always have a story) was an injury incurred during one of his skirmishes with the local villager's mob.  He finished the mask with several coats of acrylic paint.  I swear, I do not let him watch zombie movies, horror thrillers and we, as family, have never participated in a satanic ritual. 

 photo 63dab7c4-33bb-459d-b2c3-2f2c5b1ec251.jpg

Boy child is rather pleased with his mask.  He would also like me to point out that he also dyed his shirt himself. 

The mask is held on by an elastic I salvaged from a pair of cast of pants (adjustable elastic, you silly pointless stuff my children hate).  In theory, the mask should be able to fit almost anyone's head.  I sewed a button on to loop the elastic on.

 photo 98ad2d74-d4eb-4965-8e8c-6ecdf499d0d7.jpg

I've gotten a few steps into my next mural.  Already I can tell it's not my favorite - too specific, too much someone else's style.  But I haven't added in the main feature yet, so perhaps I'll change my mind.  Pictures to come soon!

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  1. I am so chuckling at the comment about never participating, as a family, in a satanic ritual 😊 Anyway, I think it's so cool how creative he is! And you are so smart to add the adjustable elastic strap, how do you think of these things?!