summer ennui

It's brilliant that the childs are old enough to be fairly independent with their projects.  They just do stuff now, all on their own.  Sometimes they even work together without anyone crying.

 photo a4b01838-9a6f-49a9-9393-022c8bbff86d.jpg

The cross dressing is entirely theirs also, although I'm doubtful they are aware of it.

 photo 973398e2-7f3f-4096-a1e7-8e78a4cbd264.jpg

 photo ccd219f5-25dc-44b0-915a-6063660ab812.jpg

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There is something about summer that always brings about a relentless sense of ennui in me.  While the childs are all busy making and doing stuff I'm all thinking, 'why bother?'  And 'what the point of it all, really, when you get right down to it?'

Don't Panic.

Maybe it's the heat or the destruction of my usual routine once all the neighborhood kids are out of school and in our yard all day long?  The high and low pressure changes that come with the evening storms?  My internal sense of irony needs to counter balance all the sunshiny happy people?

 photo 2d943e2c-703a-4f69-87b7-eb9a41269ed3.jpg

Maybe it's hearing the sirens of emergency vehicles nearly constantly.  None of us have lives untouched by car accidents, either our own or involving someone we love.  Sirens always make my heart skip a beat.  Given the increase in sirens and how often we're outside or, even, inside with the windows open, my heart doesn't beat normally from June through to September.

I'm not the only one who notes the seemingly increase in frequency of sirens in the summer.  Here is boy child's scene today:

 photo f06e0732-1872-4c4d-81cc-98505cbb22aa.jpg

That would be an accident in the intersection, with one vehicle flipped over.  One emergency vehicle responder on the scene, another on the way.

The paper house, by the way, is my contribution the child's paper road mat.  I suppose it tells you all you need to know about where I'm at lately.

 photo adb678de-a249-4498-aa84-f5010a17efd5.jpg

While I feel like my doing-stuff-ness crashes out during the summer months, like always, I do enjoy a good read.  'Why bother?'  turns into 'Why not?' when there is a good book or four to be had.  It's not so hard to be listless and vaguely depressed laid out in a hammock with a stack of books beside you.

Which is where I'll probably be for the next few months, in the hammock, while the childs buzz about with all their energy and excitement.  

 photo 76fcfd13-56c7-4b4f-a201-18a794386526.jpg

Good book recommendations are never more so welcome.


  1. If you haven't, anything Christopher Moore but especially Practical Demon Keeping and Dirty Job.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one with these feelings!

    And all I am reading lately is textbooks. While they are pretty interesting (college course about dinosaurs!), not something I would recommend for reading in the hammock.