Adventure Time fan art

There is an ongoing discussion in our house about the value of fan art.  It stems from The Man and I disagreeing about who owns a fictional character or popular image once it's been digested through human imagination that is not of the creator.  The childs have entered into the discussions from both theoretical and artistic viewpoints.

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This morning the childs were on top of the bunk bed, reading Adventure Time comics and drawing pictures.  Adventure Time is a great example of creators embracing fan art.  The back of every comic has a selection of fan art and, as we learned in this PBS Off Book mini-documentary, the Fiona and Cake characters were created as fan art and then adopted by the show.   

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Below is girl child's picture of Finn being transformed into a magical butterfly, Barbie Mariposa style.  I'm not sure how Jake fits in but I get that he's becoming extra magical in some way.

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I would tell you all about why I think fan art is a worthy endeavor, but I think the PBS fan art video does a pretty good job of it.  Go watch it, we'll wait...

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Here is the downside, I think, to having the children consume, imagine and then create anew Adventure Time media: Lumpy Space Princess.  Girl child knows how much LSP pushes my buttons and she loves to indulge in performance fan art.  Here is a little tidbit she gave me this morning (and if you are on my Facebook, I apologize that you have to read it twice in one day):
Me: Girl child, will you please stop talking like Lumpy Space Princess?

Girl child: Oh. My. Lumps. You're just jealous of all my hot lumps.

Me: One...

Girl child: I'm all, like, lumpy hotness and you're all smooth and lame. I can't live under pressure of, like, my hotness! Everyone wants to be all me.

Me: Two...

Girl child: If anyone needs me, I'll be out on my, like, trampoline, being all hot and lumpy...
Exit girl child.


P.S. Today was girl child's fifty four public performance, with her monologue as the grand high witch from Roald Dahl's The Witches. She wore her cape, of course.

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