Attack of the Lumpy Space Princess clothes pegs

I knew they'd get around to it eventually.

Yesterday's craft was a bust, at least as far as actually engaging the childs, but then this morning I woke to busy little hands at the table.  The childs had pulled everything out for themselves. 

 photo 642937f4-ba83-451c-884c-620c34b2e081.jpg

They didn't fancy the paints today, however (part of me was glad), and the felt pens worked just fine for their project.

 photo 473ded33-fe24-4da4-a679-d2a232c241c3.jpg

Presenting Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and the Nice King being swarmed by a self cloning cloud of Lumpy Space Princesses.  (Yes, the NICE king - y'all caught that episode, right?)

 photo ed3d2771-8d33-421f-8ecb-9d915c0bdd4d.jpg

It's odd to say that only a few short months ago we were completely innocent of the experience of Adventure Time but it has quickly become very dear to my children.  Despite my continuing objections to the show, it does have seem to have charmed my childs.  LSP and Ice King in particular (my kids always love the bad guys best).  Have I mentioned that boy child has asked for the Adventure Time theme to be his special bedtime song, the last thing he hears before he falls asleep?  Actually, since he likes to sleep with a giant preserved bee embedded in glow in the dark resin, singing Adventure Time to him is one of the most normal things about boy child's falling-to-sleep routine.

I swear, the kids aren't always stuck to a screen.  It just looks that way on, you know, the screen.

But, still, it's a fun little show.  And we even found a couple more Adventure Time toys from that giant fast food corporation that I'd prefer not to mention's toys in the thrift stores already.  We'll ride this fascination for awhile yet.


  1. Having had my own struggle with accepting Adventure Time viewing in our home, I can sympathize. I am grateful that we caught Happy Tree Friends in time to outlaw it from our boob tube!

  2. One of the things I like about homeschooling is that I can feel there is time and space for these interests. (That doesn't mean I always like them or encourage them or whatever). The primary one around here remains Pokemon. Hardly a week passes that she doesn't remind me that she won't be here when she's a teenager because her Pokemon Journey will start when she's 10. We've done some Adventure time, too, but it never became as central of an obsession. Whenever I start to despair I just suggest we watch some Vi Hart on youtube instead.

  3. My 15 y/o loves Adeventure Time. Last year she went to Animethon where there was a grown man dressed as Finn who yelled, "WHO WANTS TO GO ON AN ADVENTUE??" her and a bunch of her people followed him around campus. She said it was the best day of her life :) . I'm just happy she found her people :)

  4. Sorry, spelled 'adventure' wrong. Too early in the morning.

  5. Erin, girl child is sitting to my left here, reading comments with me and now just waiting for me to leave the room so she can look up Happy Tree Friends. Whatever that is.

    Ailikate, I don't worry about it too much either. I know they get a variety of experiences and influences and that they are going to have some culture we don't necessarily agree with or are bored with. Totally normal and healthy. Though I am glad that girl child won't be leaving for Hogwarts until she's eleven - that's a whole extra year with her versus when they leave on their journeys to become Pokemon masters.

    Susan, my kids would have gone too, no questions. Actually, now I'm wondering how tough it would be to convince my husband to dress up for boy child's sixth birthday coming up right away... one way to keep a bunch of five year olds busy for an hour.

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  7. We love Adventure Time! I sometimes even watch new episodes without my son. I never ever thought Lumpy Space Princess was a bad guy though. She's one of my favorite characters. She does turn Jake into a lumper that one time by biting him, but I don't think she's bad!

  8. True. The very first episode I watched was Treetrunk's wedding, where Finn had to protect the party from LSP, but I think most of the characters defy any good/bad dichotomy and are mainly just complicated.

    And I may have been found once or twice relaxing with a glass of wine in front of Adventure Time after the kids have gone to bed :D

  9. This is so cute! My daughter loves Adventure Time and it's one cartoon that my husband and I enjoy, too. "Oh, I'm a nice king..." That's actually one of my least favorite episodes because of the attitude of the princesses. Any part of it that I disagree with I try to use as talking points (or try to fast forward through those episodes...).

    I found your blog through a link through a link through a link for a twirly skirt. My daughter has requested twirly skirts for roller skating, so I'm getting to work with my fabric scraps today!