rainbow stripwork quilt

Barnstrong quilt (rainbow stripwork) by photo IMG_7124.jpg

Done!  Yes!

Barnstrong quilt (rainbow stripwork) by photo IMG_7125.jpg
Barnstrong quilt (rainbow stripwork) by photo IMG_7130.jpg

Quilting was incredibly intimidating.  After walking into a machine quilting shop, I nearly stuffed my quilt top into the back of the closet.  I had forgotten almost all my own reasons for making something myself and gotten bogged down in the hopeless pit of comparison.

Barnstrong quilt (rainbow stripwork) by photo IMG_7139.jpg

Thank you to Xenia Kathryn and Tina who reminded me that imperfection is not scary and to be driven by perfection is an excellent way to fail.

I am humbled by the amazing and talented quilters and artists working today.  Sorry for letting your awesomeness freak me out.  

 photo IMG_7134.jpg

And Sabrina, as I hand quilted for many hours (well, more hand basted in parts), and then spent even more hours slip stitching the back edge of the border, I echoed your words in my head for strength:

"Go slow; remind yourself how much you are in love with the quilt top - you want that beauty out where you can cuddle with it, not in a closet awaiting the "someday" you will assemble it. It is a beautiful heirloom."

Thanks guys.  Many happy finished projects to you all as well.

Barnstrong quilt (rainbow stripwork) by photo IMG_7128.jpg

This quilt was finished just in time to be a only slightly late solstice gift to our good friends. I hope every much that it can keep them warm and be a bit of bright cheerful during the darkest and coldest time of the year.

Rainbow strip work quilt by photo ffb259d5-c79b-4345-82be-a1919355bd83.jpg


  1. That is so beautiful, a perfect gift.

  2. Oh! Aren't you glad you soldiered on?! It's beautiful! It will be well loved, I'm sure!!

  3. Aww shucks, you are very welcome. :) My first quilt was nowhere near this beautiful or big! I absolutely love this quilt!! Your friends are truly blessed to have it. Now I want to totally copy you and use up my scraps.

  4. I found the book Sunday Morning Quilts to be inspiring for using scraps. Which I have a lot of, seeing as this is my first quilt. Almost everyone of those colours is something my kids have worn.

  5. A beautiful labor of love. Congratulations on persevering.

  6. Glad to help! From a selfish standpoint, I am so glad you finished the quilt so I can have something beautiful to look at (and an inspiration to get more sewing done)!

    Happy New Year :0)