finally, strawberry mary jane slippers

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Today, somewhere between dropping off the serger that has been broken for years at the machine shop, spectacularly failing at drafting a pattern for and making boy child a pair of flat front pants and then not in any way being patient enough to wait to fit my regular machine with a walking foot as I plan to do Friday and deeply regretting it once I attempted to machine quilt for the first time, I managed to complete a little project I had started over three years ago. 


All I needed was to add buttons and button holes but those tiny steps alluded me for a ridiculous amount of time.  Three years ago I made the slippers (pattern here).  Seven months ago I picked out buttons.  Still, no completion. 

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Today, though, I needed to succeed at something.  On top of the sewing fiascos and stalled projects du jour, last night I stayed up late to finish The Book Thief and it positively wounded me.  Also, girl child and I are halfway through Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and nothing is going right for Harry and Hermione. We're freaking out a little bit here for Harry. 

I just need a little win.

Five minutes to finish these slippers and girl child loves them.  They fit!  How weird for a project started three years ago for the same child.  I feel a small amount of redemption.  It's almost worth it to leave a project or two almost done for those days when I need a little pick me up in the form of a completed project.  This time, procrastination wins.

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  1. Yeah for completing projects!

    I love those slippers, the look comfy.

  2. I've been following your blog for years now, well sort of. I sorta stopped sewing for a while after we bought our house and stuff, but now I'm back to sewing again during the winter when I can't garden.

    Today I finished my 5 year old daughter's Christmas dresses, and I got antsy (plus I don't love Christmas) so I showed them to her. I used a pattern I bought new, my favorite pattern that I would use for all of her dresses which was discontinued and I stupidly cut it to my smaller daughter's size a while ago so I tried this other pattern. Anyway... she hated it. She put it on and I could tell she was trying to learn to like it but she couldn't bring herself to like it. She still loves her twirly dresses that "puff out" and patterns that typically come in her size don't puff out anymore (size 8). I put the two dresses away that I made and I refound your website to get my mind around tiered and patchwork tutorials again. My daughter saw the photos and was like "Mom, that's much better!" Scattered thoughts aside, I love your blog and I'm glad I refound you. Never will I buy a stupid Walmart Simplicity pattern again, I don't need them.

    Btw, your daughter... I saw recent photos and I gasped! I remember seeing her as a baby a couple of years ago. Look at her now! Lovely. :)