two headed rabbit ref doll

Here is the little critter I cooked up for my roller derby team's holiday gift exchange.  Because nothing says Christmas quite like a two headed bunny derby referee.   

 photo 9bdb23b4-43ac-45f1-afe4-d2eeed605bba.jpg

I could technically also call him White Rabbit V.5 and V.6, as he is a variation of the rabbit pattern I've been playing with (V.4 can be found here and the first three prototypes here).  However, he is not actually white.  So I will have to come up with a new name for these rabbits.  I've considered Sometimes White But Not Always Rabbits as a possibility but that is as far as I've gotten on that line of thought.

 photo 5aef94f0-8367-44f8-8407-3219c6d1f1e9.jpg

The ears have wire threaded through them and are fully pose-able.  I love that.  Skates made from a little bit of leather reused from an old ripped leather jacket.  The wheels are wooden beads.  Buttons over the joints help him be pose-able and he can stand all by himself, if nobody wiggles the table.

 photo 3c19fc58-5f90-4c8a-befa-eaef55229e89.jpg

Something new for me was working with wool felt and needling a white fluffy tail on.  I also originally tried needle felting a pair of skates for him but when I actually squirted my own blood across the rabbit's leg, because DAMN, that needle is SHARP, I decided perhaps I wasn't ready for something so ambitious.  But, hey, fluffy white tail - I feel good about that.

 photo d7630c29-67ff-4b95-a925-94646663eca5.jpg photo fa66807e-2c3a-4244-8f1c-d80e218295ff.jpg

The whistles were created with polymer clay.  Much to my annoyance, they do not work.  Of course they are only about the size of half a dime each, so perhaps I should just be happy that they are.

 photo 79268ad6-a2ef-4b04-a6b8-31c72c0f9d8a.jpg

Or maybe they blow in supersonic tones that only animals can hear?

 photo 27befe30-23b9-4861-bdb4-38911198d03c.jpg

 photo 808d63b4-9665-4955-88f8-aa5be596fc8b.jpg

I also got to try out my new low tech light gathering box.  The winter days are so dreary, it is hard to find sufficient light to catch the details of these small projects.  I am happy to report that the light trap worked well.  It can't make me a better photographer, but I think it is still an improvement over my unusual winter time fair.

 photo 48f27e51-18a0-44a1-a2da-2ab842bb36d5.jpg

Boy child actually took these photos of the box.  That is me posing the bunny above.  And below, boy child caught the bunny trick skating when I wasn't looking.  You can see how dark the rest of the room is in comparison.

 photo e9b87fbd-ae34-421d-9999-4a9db32fe7d9.jpg

After the gift exchange tonight I had several requests for more freak show type dolls.   I've been doing a lot of reading about P.T. Barnum and old time circuses that displayed human and animal curiosities which inspired this two headed bunny.  I think by combining my new fledging needle felting skills I may be able to brew up a bearded lady or two.  Christmas gifts, perhaps?  Because the only thing more Christmas-y than a two headed bunny is a bearded lady.

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  1. The look incredible! I love all the little details, so much fun!

    The light box thingy is pretty cool also. A version I've thought about making is this one

    Not that I make or take photos of anything right now.

    Can't wait to see the bearded lady!