I made a belly.

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 The king in girl child's play needed to have belly big enough for the evil witch to mock in her letter itemizing the kidnapping of the princess.

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The ten year old playing the king had basically a negative space where a belly might go and some sort of filling was in order.

 photo 5626ce35-5bcd-443b-8a88-8204db8611a1.jpg

Girl child was kind enough to help me size it for the young actor. 

 photo d5cf3261-1ad2-44bb-86d9-efd09d722638.jpg

This belly had to extra stable since the king not only gets into a bit of a scuffle with the witch, he also sings and dances.  Hence the harness.

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Girl child reported that the belly was quite comfortable and warm in a snuggly sort of way.  Which means the king, under hot theatre lights, needs to do some serious off stage hydrating as does another actor who was basically has a quilted undershirt as an attempt to add some bulk to him.

 photo d03210be-0ba6-4117-a88b-9437a0a652ac.jpg

As it turns out, once putting it on the king, I had to perform a bit of field liposuction.  A little less fluff in there helped tone down the pregnant look and gave him enough shape for the witch to poke fun at.

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