late night posting... still...

I have been trying for four days now to start developing a habit of waking early before the kids and spending half an hour or so writing. 

In my mind, this could be a beautiful habit. A slow, peaceful cup of coffee while I sort through some of the bigger questions of existence before the thousand mundane tasks of the day sweep away thoughts of life, the universe and everything.

Thus far, it has been a total fail.

The alarm rings early, before anyone else in the house is awake, and I sweep it off the side table thinking, 'You've got to be nuts!'

But I'm hopeful. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I can't wait for me to finally wake to that magical quiet early morning and now, at 10:30 at night, despite being tired, I'm going to sort through some of the bigger stuff, and be all profound, articulate, witty, and whatnot...


... Or maybe not. Hey, look, picture!
 photo 40b70e7e-6a8e-4807-96ce-2a6ef992c2cb.jpg

I made this peasant blouse, four years ago and it's just now fitting Smootch.  It was made as a tester to make sure my peasant blouse tutorial would work in larger sizes and I'm sort of impressed I managed to hold onto it through multiple moves. 

If anyone can identify the drawing above Smootch's left shoulder, I would be grateful.  We can't decide if it's supposed to be a cave drawing, hunters style, or maybe a pregnant boar attacked by a rabid cupid?

Speaking of cupid.

 photo 47d845df-a54b-453a-aa99-ee7d0a036630.jpg

Boy child's last minute felt heart based on his shirt for his class's Valentine's Day party.  One of the best things I've ever learned about placement of t-shirt decorations is to place the top of the decoration about four fingers down from the collar.  If it is for a child, make it four child size fingers. 

(Oh, I can't look at Birdie's picture too much, I think he's so handsome that it hurts my heart.  It's difficult to simultaneously want your kids to grow up healthy and strong but also want the to stay a baby forever.)

While we're on the topic of learning stuff (if that is what I was talking about), I have a new gig with the costume committee of Smootch's youth theatre group.  The current play is based during American frontier/pioneer times and, as it so happens, I have a little bit of experience of sewing for that time period due to Smootch's Little House on the Prairie phase and covered wagon obsession.   

 photo 3f136fc4-10c1-409f-b5fd-1981725e0df0.jpg

Sometime this week I have to make an adult sized baby bonnet and bib for the play, along with nine seed dancer circle skirts.  Which means that I will also be consulting my handy dandy circle skirt waistline cheat guide.  Remember me to post it for y'all, you will never have to do the circle skirt math again. 

Now, to bed for me.  Then maybe I can get up tomorrow early enough for that quiet coffee and reflection before I pack snacks and ready children for our trip down to Calgary to the science museum. 


P.S. - I just figured it out, Smootch's animal-shot-through-with-arrows drawing is of the bad guy bear in Disney's movie Brave.  She even spelt it out on the wall... that's how quick I am on the uptake lately.  I really shouldn't try to get up even earlier in the morning and just sleep as much as I can - I obviously need it!


  1. I love love love girl childs shirt!!!!

  2. I don't really think deep, profound thoughts, but I have the same thought of getting up early. For me, it's so I can get some yoga in without the constant, "Mama..." I managed to get up this morning, but I was half asleep throughout the entire yoga session. We'll see if I keep it up.

    Great tip on the t-shirt decorations! Kids do grow up way faster than we are ready for. Two weeks ago, but kiddo's pants fit just fine. Now all of a sudden, I need to add an inch to everything.