boy child's linen bunny

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I tried out the bunny pattern that I free handed one evening after checking out various freely available patterns online.  Boy child immediately seized it as his own.  It apparently already has a name, something like Rabbot-Zot-Velveteen-Bunny-Man.  I didn't quite catch it as boy child headed out the door with bunny in hand to run some errands with his father.  I hope it comes back with all its limbs.  I never quite know what those two get up to when I'm not around.

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The best kind of toy, according to boy child, has moving parts.  While the this guy may not take batteries, the limbs are movable and posable, due to the button jointing and a nice hard stuff. 

One of the problems with working on something for five minutes here, ten over there, without something written down to follow, is that you lose the gist of what you are supposed to be doing. This little guy ended up having his body sewn on sideways, making him a bit more cowboy looking than is comfortable.

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Despite the little snafu over the body, overall I'm fairly happy with the bunny.  A few tweaks will bring his ears up, his feet in shape, and his body on comfortably.  I find that the exaggerated legs and head make it difficult to take this bunny too seriously.  Perfect for me the maker and for the children who will eventually get one of their own.  I'm going make a few more to send out as spring gifts to some of our little friends.
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