Though out this past amazingly dull and cloudy month, whenever we have had that elusive moment of sunshine every few days, we throw ourselves in front of our tiny windows and bask in the heat and light.  This is my favorite place to be.

A major find this past while was discovering that boy child will stay quiet and peaceful while I read girl child's book series out loud to her.  He doesn't have much patience to listen to the plot per se, but he is content to just sort of chill and relax into his own private world while I full fill girl child's relentless desires to be read books where terrible things happen to small children.  Even better if said books contain cannibal witches, handsome fairies, and plucky heroines that wield swords.

I can't even imagine our life without books.  We are seeped in them.  We trip over them, carry them around from room to room as if they are safety blankets, they form drifts on top of every surface and bedside every bed.  They are ubiquitous in our home and hardly any activity is done without some sort of book in hand or done in reference to a story or character. 

In particular, I've completely ruined solo meals for myself and the kids.  None of us is capable of sitting quietly and focusing on our snack.  Sitting down?  Then must have book in hand.  Doesn't even matter sometimes what it is.  Any old book will do.  There will never be a zen chewing moment around here, even among those who are not yet reading.  This may prove to be a character flaw.  But, out of all the vices I could pass on to my children, I can't seem to feel too bad about this one. 


And in other news, we love I-Gami. That is all.


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  1. Okay that I-Gami thing looks super cool. I am definitely adding it to the christmas wish list. I really like that the colors don't scream boy like most engineering type toys do. Thanks for sharing!