dear deer

Have you ever woken up in the morning with the completely new yet compelling realization that you must make a stuffed deer?

No? Just me?

I spent a few minutes a couple mornings ago tracking down a deer pattern to use with woven material and not felt. Felt is great, but I when you have cats and lack housekeeping, given enough time, your felt stuffies always end up looking like yet another cat. I found a vintage 1950s Simplicity pattern on Etsy from Blondie's Spot.   If you are going to do the same and are a novice animal maker like me, I need to warn you that the pattern was not for the faint of heart.  

Still.  I did it and it turned out... sort of acceptable.  In dim light, and if you glance at it briefly using your peripheral vision, it's alright!


But that's okay because I never expect anything to be great the first time I make it, especially a 60 year old pattern from a company that I already have a conflicted and seam ripper drama filled history with.

I am ridiculously happy with getting to use a little bit from a pillow case that I've had for a decade or so that finally ripped beyond salvage.  And I've altered the pattern a bit and have a new order of operations for the sewing that will suit me better.  Plus it's only six inches high which  I've determined is exactly the right size for a pleasing stuffed deer.  Another deer is cut out and waiting for me to find a little bit of time.

I also know, in that secret place where random yet insistent creative urges come from, that I must must must make a stuffed bear.  Anyone know of a good pattern for that?  


  1. Many, many moons ago, a group of people I knew made scores of teddy bears for the purpose of selling them in a fundraiser. I may still have the pattern, but it is for fairly large bears (a foot or more in height). Shall I send it (providing it hasn't walked away from careful storage)?


    This really long amazon link if for a great stuffed-animal-making book - bears, deer, foxes, dogs, penguins, hedgehogs, etc.