Now that I've made Smootch a little me, I couldn't resist using a bit of polymer clay to craft a key to her other house.  If you are starting to think that I might be a bit obsessed with Coraline, you should know that I am about one glass of wine from carving a child sized hole in my drywall and outfitting it with a tiny door that may or may not lead to another dimension. Honestly, we could use some more room in this little house anyway.

While I was at it, I did make a second key (that is technically more realistic to the movie but still not as exact as my inner perfectionist would like) that I plan to one day accompany a really real Coraline doll. I have her body sewn together but not yet stuffed. I have a few things on the table to do before I can finish her off (I will show you those soon). I'm also a bit worried about sewing a rain jacket for her. Doll clothes are a little beyond my expertise at the present moment, though I am keen to learn. I have a feeling that it may be just as interesting as sewing a full sized raincoat.  A bit of design challenge to entertain me as I fall asleep I suppose. 

(Have I ever told you that my first ever sewing design inspiration came to me in the middle of the night?  That I woke up with a start, sitting bolt upright in bed, and yelled out loud, 'I've got it!'  Did I mention that first flash of brilliance was a better way to hold my toilet paper?  Ah, humble beginnings.)

But, until the day I am able to complete the Coraline doll, here is the key, just waiting for a little blue haired girl to find it.


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