paper trail

They say there are two types of shoppers.  The first type is very smart.  They shop around, compare, make lists of pros and cons and think very, very carefully about what is the best to buy.  The second type will shop as long as it takes to satisfy a previously determined criteria, say in colour, price or whathaveyou, and buy the first item that fits the bill.  I am the second type of shopper.  Which is good because the second type usually ends up more content with their purchase, having less doubts about whether there was a better choice or if the mental calculations were accurate.  The second type thinks, 'I got what I want and it's all good.'

Which is why I don't feel too bad about looking at a house on Monday night (only the third house viewed since we started) and making the final signatures on the purchase by Wednesday night.  We move in June 15.  Our own house.  No more moving (for a little while).


I've started packing.  Again.  I am becoming quite good at it now, have a system in place and am even developing some strategies for keeping the kids out of the packed boxes.  They love to undo what I have done.  My children are like my Sisyphusan karma.

(Ellowyn paper doll by Jo James.  Print your own from here.)

Strategy number one:  Paper!

With all our things packed up early, because I really hate packing at the eleventh hour, finding amusements for myself and the children become a bit more challenging.  When we have a few hours on our hands do we do puzzles?  Nope, packed up.  Legos?  No, packed.  Cars, dinosaurs, dolls, board games, trains?  Packed, packed, and packed.

So, what to do?


 (City scape from Taro Gomi's Play All Day paper punchout book.)

Temporary, easily accessible and full of novelty.  I love paper.  And when it comes to moving day, anything still surviving can be popped onto a child's lap and off we go. 


We've been exploring free printables online for the last couple of days.  It's amazing how many fantastic creations are out there, how generous artists and creatives are.  I've gotten lost more than one time exploring sites like this and this.


Except for the printer, some light cardstock, scissors, glue and rubber bands, I hope to be ready to go soon.  And then I'll have some time to spend in the paint store, driving  myself mad with too many choices.  It seems that I am a satisfiser type shopper when it comes to houses, but for wall paint I am firmly in the first catagory.   Big decisions are easy, but the little choices are fiendish. 


(Paper masks from Stars Wars.)

If you have any suggestions for paper toys and games, please feel free to share them.  The kids love the paper and, frankly, I could use some distraction for them.  I've got some packing to do. 



  1. Is it the house that will look good purple? If not, what color will this house look best as? Congrats!!!

  2. I'm the same kind of shopper. Here's what I feel like saying to the first type "make a decision already, people!" Though, they probably laugh at the "unwise" choices my haste may make. Good thing we are all unique!
    As far as paper games - any Harry Potter fans at your house? My daughter and I like this paperdoll: http://www.angulique.net/snapedownload.html
    And this site looks like it has some fun games - though I have never tried them: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/paper-games-for-kids.htm
    Good luck on the move. Can't wait to see the new house.

  3. Thanks for the links. We're consumed with origami and paper planes right now. My kids are 4 and 6, and we've been moving across the world (again), so that's been our saving grace. You can find a plain piece of paper and a pair of hands anywhere.
    My six year old has made a batch of Chinese stars and cranes, and I recommend both for easy origami starters.

  4. You could make a quick memory game using pictures of your kids and their art. I got the idea from Made By Joel. http://madebyjoel.com/2011/01/memory-game.html

    He also has some other cool ideas on making paper cities, and such.

    Good luck on the move and congrats on the house! I get to go house hunting in about a year and I can't wait :)

  5. Have them start an art journal of the move. When they finish each day have them draw what they will do in each room of the new house. So since that will take all of say 15 minutes... my fave sites are the Canon paper craft site http://cp.c-ij.com/en/index.html and paperkraft.net
    I may have a little bit of a problem...

  6. One more..... the Kirin Beverage company has some really great paper craft including the cutest food baskets, children's day playsets, and endangered animals. It's awesome and I want to make every one of them!

  7. yah to owning your own home - maybe we need to move from BC to Alt. to afford one LOL

    good paper link