blog button : triumphant!

It was quite a while ago now when I tried to puzzle out how to share blog button html. I feel pretty sheepish about the whole thing. Normally I'm pretty good at finding the information I need on the internet. But this time I kept running into wall, either not getting the information quite right or it didn't work for me.

IndieTutesI should of asked for help much sooner, but (this can be such a problem sometimes), I like to figure it out myself.

Resourcefulness?  Probably just pride.

However, an opportunity presented itself yesterday to just bloody ASK Brittany at the House of Sorensens how to put up the button so that the html can be copied and now I can share some buttons with y'all!

To the left you'll find some html to copy and paste onto your page if you would like to share an IndieTutes button.  I put up a couple of my favorite recent pictures of Birdie for now, to try the process out, but I should have some buttons up for me ol' pattern shop soon.

Now, not saying this is you, but for anyone out there who is also wondering how to share their buttons with the world but have not been able to find the time to figure it out, Brittany shared this link with me that turned out to be the missing key.

Basically, there is your button code and then underneath you add this text below to put the little box where the copy and paste html shows up:
[center][textarea id="code-source" rows="3" name="code-source"][center][a href="http://YOUR WEB ADDRESS/"][img border="0" src="http://IMAGE WEB ADDRESS"/][/a][/center][/textarea][/center]

The fun part is that to make it work you need to change the [ to < and the ] to >.  Then you can paste the whole thing into your html gadget and Bob's your uncle.

My previous problem with the code is that I kept trying to put it onto my post, which doesn't work the same way at a html gadget and I would come up with some gobblity gook.  I assumed that it was the code's fault, not my post page, and throw my hands up in the air in frustration.  Turns out I should of followed the instructions a bit better.

Yes, I do (baa) feel sheepish.

But, here it is and here we go.

Thanks all for reading my button blather and thank you Brittany for giving it to me straight :)


  1. I'm glad it all worked out for you!! You inspired me to write up a tutorial on some other HTML coding for blogger, you can check it out at my friend Chrissy's blog today at

    or just click the link on my blog :]

    Thanks Charity!

  2. It all seems so easy, but I still can't get the jpeg to actually show up. It's just that generic image of a broken link... I'll keep trying though. Thanks for sharing this! I love your new blog look btw!

  3. Laura, send me a link to your image and I will see if I can get the code to work :)