derby dress

Out of all things I do, I think my greatest learning experiences come from parenting and sewing. Parenting, well, you can hardly go an hour without learning something new, usually the hard way.

Sewing, I am most grateful for its lessons. Humility, grace, the importance of structure and patience. And that mistakes are opportunities. Always, bless the mistakes.

Since I have a gift for making mistakes, I have many opportunities. Above is my royally toasted derby league shirt, where iron on letters yellowed, tore and melted the silk screened print. The whole thing was terribly, embarrassingly, botched.


Smootch, aka Princess Sticky Skates, has been asking for a derby dress forever, and recently recruited her father into mounting a heavy offensive against my procrastination.  They ganged up on me.

Oh, look, opportunity.


I hope you enjoy the tee dress, because once I got going, I ended up making quite a few of them. I have pictures to share yet. Smootch pretty much lives in them, being the type of girl who usually just wears a tee and fishnet stockings.  (I am trying not to think too hard about this.) 

You can find instructions to make your own tee shirt dress here.  In case an opportunity or two happens to crop up in your life.



  1. How freakin' awesome are you to make a roller derby dress for your daughter?! I want one.

    She is guaranteed to have "cool kid" status as a teenager.

    : )