sippin' celery

Inspired by Kitchen Science by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone.


It is a rare occasion that I tell Smootch what project she is to work on.  Mainly Smootch decides where to put her efforts or we work collaboratively, with Smootch as project leader and my input is seriously considered (but not always accepted).  Her interest level remains high and she is proud of what she has accomplished and learned.  The whole process looks a lot like Smootch playing and me staying out of her way.

Sometimes, though, after spending a lot of time on the internet or reading certain books, I get really excited about all the thing we could be doing, all the cool and awesome stuff that can be done.  My kids like to fiddle around in the dirt and spend hours in imagery play.  They are five and two years old.  What more could anyone want?  But my school trained mind has a fairly set idea of what Education looks like.  Activities that involve a set up with special equipment that the children can not handle alone and a multi-day time frame where the project at hand actually has to be put up out of reach of the child, lest it get wrecked or stains the rug; isn't this learning?


I'm so lucky that I get to laugh at myself sometimes.  Often, really.  And I get to question why I am pushing an idea or project that they are only half-heartedly interested in.  Is it for them?  Or for me?  Why can't I just do it for myself, why do I need my children around as an excuse to play, experiment, ponder?  Isn't home schooling for all of us?  


tick tick tick


We all have much to learn. Good thing there is time.


  1. That is so funny. My son is only 20 months so when I was going to dye some rice the other day I got sad that he wasn't old enough to do it with me. So I went next down to borrow my neighbor's 5 year old. I had fun making the first batch on my own but even more sharing it with a little one.
    Thanks for sharing,

    Hammer & Thread

  2. Try it with white flowers too, like a carnation. Beautiful!

  3. Do it for you and maybe they will learn it too.

    I remember graphs and charts and recording of information...drove me nuts. Couldn't enjoy the awesome power of the "doing" for fear of the "spelling."

    Have fun learning. I'm a much better speller now thanks to my children learning to read.

  4. Marry me. Like, for real. My husband would think you're really cool so it'd all work out. ;D

    Do you know how frequently you say things that just do BANG in my head. I absolutley love it. In fact, I mentioned that very thing about you in Mah Blog t'other day. You make my brain itch. In a really cool way.

    Thanks for that.

  5. my kids love to do that with white roses... split the stem of the rose into 4 parts and put it in 4 cups of food color... it makes a rainbow rose!