Q is for Quilt

I've been casting around a bit for some inspiration. Do yourself a favor: Do not google 'amazing quilts' unless you've got some extra time to be awestruck. Set aside an hour or two first.

The Man and I (because he's wanted to make a quilt with me for years - I swear he's not a made up guy) have been thinking we want to do a tumbler design. I'm not sure though. Do you think that small embroidered scenes would be odd on the tumbler shape? I'm inclined to just stick to regular (classic!) squares. Maybe tumblers for the next one and then tumbling blocks for the next and then...

I love the geometrics. And I can see how quilting can become very addictive.

As for the hand sewn embellishments, I've been staring at inspirations for years. Smootch favors books that are illustrated with fabric (as in, in fabric originally, then photographed for the book). Her current library find is Mrs. Moon Lullabies for Bedtime. We spend hours looking through these books. Sometimes we even read them :D

I can't wait to get going. All this packing and organizing is bumming me out. Anybody know of any inspiring (all take funny too!) quilting blogs?


  1. The Man just pointed out my 'Q' is backwards. Obviously I need Smootch to go over the alphabet with me again :D

  2. Hi.
    I've enjoyed following your blog for some time now. I like the way you write about little things from your life, and find it very inspiring to read your tutorials, although i haven't actually gotten around to MAKING anything yet. I don't know if you have seen this blog:
    but I think she has some really nice quilt patterns. Like you, she has a family, but still finds the time to write and be creative. I really admire you guys for being able to do that!
    Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to all of us!
    Bodil, Norway.


    She is brilliant. Quilting is one those things for me...I have about seven planned out but am too scared to actually get going. Quilts are intimidating. When you start yours, maybe I'll start mine :)

  4. There are so so many amazing quilting blogs out there. It's probably another one of those things you don't want to google unless you have A LOT of time set aside! I'll keep it short but if you want more just say the word:

  5. I love this blog:

  6. Oh Fransson, mentioned above, is fantastic with lots of great tips and gorgeous contemporary quilts. If you want to spend more time staring at great quilts, look at the "Modern Quilt Workshop" flickr group. It's a great book and I found it at the library in Toronto. The Storytelling Quilt would be perfect for an embroidery project.

  7. Well, I guess I'll just go on ahead and recommend Oh Fransson again. LOL. Elizabeth from that site just makes the most amazing things. I rather suspect you'd like her Paintbox Quilt that she's working on right now. I actually just bought some fabric for a Paintbox Quilt today. Another neat blog is Crazy Mom Quilts (

    And, while I'm recommending neat-o sites, I think I'll mention I think you and your yung'uns will really like that one!

    Well, thank you for all of your amazing tutorials and insights. I love reading your blog!


  8. Tumblers would certainly be easier than tumbling blocks since they're all sewn in rows.

    I'm so glad you asked the question about blogs! Plenty of stuff for me to go look at now...

  9. I like Seems to fit into your filosophy of repurposing clothes and she has tons of free patterns and tutorials.