Hey all! I seem to be getting quite a few emails of late asking more or less the same things, so I thought I'd take a moment to answer a some frequently asked questions, reasoning that if 10 people take the time to email me, there are possibly more who are wondering the same thing.

Let's first discuss the big one first:

Where the heck is the Fair Weather Jacket pattern in bigger sizes that you promised back a whole year ago?! A year!

To which I reply: Pattern? What pattern?

No, really, there is a Fair Weather Jacket pattern in sizes 5-8 all done, tested, and ready to go. There are a few nitty gritty details to work out, like who is going to actually print the silly thing. When we moved I lost my local printer, who happened to be extremely reasonably priced offering a specialized printer. I no longer have my printer dude, or his reasonable prices, and have been trying to find someone here on the Island to fill his keds. I've got The Man on the job now so hopefully he will make headway with it this next week and we'll be able to get this very stalled project on the go again. I'm shooting for it to be avaliable on etsy before 2010. When it is all ready to go I will definitely do a giveaway here first.

So: Fair Weather Jacket sizes 5-8... coming soon...

Can I use your tutorial/pattern to make stuff for my market stall or etsy?

Yes! Do so, I am honored! I am reserving copyright on all my tutorials and patterns, but if you use them to make handmade merch for personal gain (we've all got to eat) or items for chariable silent auctions or school fairs or whatever, I am flattered that you think what I made is good enough to generate income for you. Really, I'm throwing this stuff out there for y'all to use. So use it.

That's not to say that I don't enjoy credit for the designs and please link me if you blog me. I also have started placing a few buttons around the blog where you can donate whatever amount you wish to support this blog with all of its tutorials and patterns because if I can generate a bit of income from this blog I can justify spending more work time (which is fairly limited with my kids so young) producing more tutorials and patterns. Plus, there is also that satisfaction of reciprocity that many of us need.

Thank you to all who have donated! I have been delighted by the response, which has helped soothe my conflicted feelings about it all. I want to let you know that I am collecting email addresses from the donations to one day send a special pattern out to all contributors (I will not share my list with anyone, not even The Man! It's totally private!). So, don't forget to make sure your address on paypal is up to date :)

In a perfect world I could spend all day coming up with ideas and making tutorials about them because it's something I enjoy immensely. Just so you know, if no one gives me a dollar, I will still be here doing this.

Are we going to get the Birdie Boy trouser pattern?

Yes. Sometime. It's next on my pattern list after the Fair Weather Jacket.

Now I have a question for you: Scoodie season is coming up in the northern hemisphere. Now that I can post direct links to pattern pieces, do you want a hood pattern for the scoodie? Are there any other tutorials that you would like pattern pieces for? Would it be too tacky to stick 'donate' buttons at the end of all my tutorials?


  1. I'm seriously thinking about using a few of your patterns for my shop.
    And thinking about just donating a certain amount for every sold item made from your pattern.
    That is only just fair.

  2. I don't think the donate button is tacky at all! I (shh - don't let any advertisers hear..) don't see all the stuff on sidebars. I might miss a donate button ~ but if I were to use one of your patterns, I'd be happy to throw a few bucks your way as a way of saying thanks... so it'd actually be an act of kindness if you add the button to the post the pattern is on :-)

  3. I have said this before, but I just want to say it again: Your little girl is just adorable, she is a natural model whose sweetness is just lovely; and I just think she could sell anything.

    Next: You are the awesome mom, I love that you do *sew* much for your little one.

    Lastly: I taught my kids to do as your mom taught you. Thanks for being a shining example of giving in this "profit making" world we live in. I have never actually made any of your projects, I am just a HUGE fan. LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

  4. "Now that I can post direct links to pattern pieces, do you want a hood pattern for the scoodie?" YES and YES.

    "Are there any other tutorials that you would like pattern pieces for?" I'm dying to find a tutorial for a cute pair of pants for if you head that way I'll hop on board for sure!

    "Would it be too tacky to stick 'donate' buttons at the end of all my tutorials?" I'm new here, but I echo one of the above comments. Go for it, I don't always check out the side bards on blogs, so if I saw something like that on the end of the post I'd be more likely to donate if I tried it and liked it. It still gives people the choice right? If they don't like it they can glance over it.

    That all aside, I am new to your blog and have to say that I too am impressed with your giving attitude towards your tutorials. It's rare, and it's a breath of fresh air.

  5. Pattern pieces for anything are good as far as I am concerned. Me and freehand do not go well together. I'm really interested in the Cloak for both me and the little one this winter and having a pattern as a starting point would be great. I prefer them as downloads being so far away from you to post :o)

    I also agree with lottebees. If I ever do get round to making any of your things to sell I would be donating a percentage of it back to you.

    I think putting a donate button on your tutorials is a great idea.

  6. I havent tried your patterns yet, but I have saved a few to try when I have some time. I think it is great that you are posting up tutorials... it is very generous of you as I know it does take up a lot of time to make them. I think the donate button at the end of each tute is a good idea. As one of the previous commentors said... if people dont like it, they can skip over it. No big deal.
    Thanks for writing a great blog!


  7. I definitely think you should post a donate button on the bottom of each tute. It's not tacky. You are a sahm, and you are donating *their* time to your blog. The least we can do is feed them a banana or something. That's how I think of it anyway. As for having one on every tute - well, I *meant* to throw a few bucks in when you first mentioned it, because I love all your stuff so much, but then life took over and I forgot. So is it rude to remind me? Definitely not.

  8. Go for the donate button sister! I agree with lottebees too, if I sold stuff from your patterns, I would give you a percent of the profits!

    Now for some rambling. I am excited to hear that you are gonna make real pattern pieces for us, but I also wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for not doing it in the beginning and always encouraging us to experiment and try new things, and look at how clothes we already have are made, and giving instructions on how to modify patterns. I always thought that you had to stick to the patterns and that only ppl with fashion degrees could make their own patterns. You've inspired me to be creative and my own designer, not to be limited by mccall's and simplicity.

    Did i mention i'm excited about the pattern pieces? I have 2 little ones too and don't always have time to experiment.

  9. I have bought a pattern from you and have used a lot of your tutorials for my daughter. I was just asked to create some a little bigger for my teenage niece who loves some of the tops my toddler wears!

    If I ever get the time to sell some I would also donate back a portion as it was your time and work creating it.
    I think your blog is awesome and I have no idea how you manage with 2 little ones. I am just barely keeping up with sewing for family with all the sleep deprivation kids cause!
    Donate buttons at the bottom are great and much less intrusive than the advertisers. Go for it.

    P.S. Can't wait for the fair weather jacket (for us in Houston it is a heavy winter coat) in a 5!

  10. Do you have any more "Twirly" patterns? My daughter and her friends love the patchwork skirt and I love how simple it is to make (aside from cutting 146,983 squares). Anymore patterns along these lines hiding somewhere?

    Donate buttons on tutorials would be great. I'd make good use of those for you!

    Thank you for freely offering your ideas and talent.

  11. The fact you live on an island caught my attention - I also live on an island. Mackinac Island in northern Michigan. It is always nice to meet another island girl!

    Love the jacket - when it comes out I'm going to have to make one for my daughter.

  12. Thank you so very much! You are a gem of a blogger/creative person!

  13. on scoodie with a hood: yes! :)

    on other patterns: someone had commented on a yoke. i think a dress using a yoke would be fantastic.

    on donate buttons: YES! not tacky at all.

    thanks for all the sewing-sharing love - you are awesome.

  14. Tacky? Nope! I like donate buttons - there's a kind of mutual respect inherent in the idea.

  15. I love your blog and you helped to inspire me to sew again. If I sell any of the items I make from your tutes they would include a portion to go back to you because it wouldn't have been possible without you.

    Definitely not tacky to put donate button after each tute. I would miss the sidebars too.

    And yes!!! I usually break things down by looking at them too, but I LOVE patterns as well...please for the scoodie!!!

    Thanks for a fabulous two little pumpkins are eternally grateful!!! (and me too ;-))

  16. d'oh that comment was meant for your crayon liberation post, i have too may windows open and got confoosed - sorry... if you delete these and i'll rewrite in correct space :)

    unless you are super clever and can move the comment to the right post - so sorry for rubbishness!!

    oh, but while i'm here I think your generosity is fantastic, and something i will let influence my own business mind, and i thik the donate button within tute's like the backpack one is just right.

    I have just bought the fabric to do a backpack for my son and will donate soon, also it's a nice thought that someone on here said to donate a bit each time i sell one, which i shall promise to do also.