I like you too

Okay, here's where the digression part of the new blog format comes in.

I don't normally toot my own horn (actually, I tend to dress in black and taupe in real life and hid behind my children... wait, I do that online too. Nevermind.) But, I've just noticed that I'm the Craftster Crush of the Month. I'm quite honored, and it reminds me that if you haven't been to craftster, you need to go now. It's really an amazing forum, very well set up and organized, and happens to be where I spent enough time drooling over all the amazing projects three years ago that I decided to borrow a sewing machine and teach myself how to do a few things. If you go back through my profile too, for those who enjoy a bit of voyerism, you can see how my sewing skills have improved over time.

One more thing! Remember how I said that we are shedding most of our belongings? My husband has been kijiji'ing this past week and getting creative at it. Here is the pics he took of the excess of glamor dolls around the house:

Followed up with a close up of the single happy boy doll:

Every classified ad should tell a story, don't you think?


  1. I thought of passing this up but after going a few pages back, am in love with this blog.

    I am in a Janome sewing discussion group and somebody mentioned about smocking. Well, one kind soul gave us the tutorial.

    I do plan to start making clothes for children. I have some basic pattern which mum bought ages ago unused. After reading the post about how to change patterns by paper modification, I'm ready to go (as soon as I can let go of the quilting bug which has been with me for the past eight months).

  2. ha ha. . . that is funny! Yes, the boy doll looks very happy. We have this sight in our pink room every day. There is one male to 15 girls. But the girls finally donated "Ken" to their 5 yo brother who has taken him in and loves him. Apparently Ken is no fun to dress since he as only "boy clothes!" no frills.

  3. just fyi - if you'd like to send some of your stash to nj, me and my little ones would be very happy to accept ;)

  4. Reminds me of myself when I was a kid, I had like twenty Barbie and 1 Ken, later on my brother would joke about the polygamy thing with my Barbie and I used to be mad, "no,no, Ken only loves Barbie, and these are all Barbie!" hahaha