a fool for tulle

First, some housekeeping items.

a) Little Print Designs (me) is proud to present ePattern versions of the Tiered Patchwork Twirler and the Revolutions Frock. Visit my etsy for more info :)

b) Attention grandparents and aunties: I have backtracked a bit and decided to keep my mama posts and pics over on my other blog. Keep reading here for the sewing and crafty stuff I like to blather about. And tutorials, of course.

And now, on with the tulle!

I'm not normally given over to the ultra-girly, though I have been known to dabble in the frilly and princess. But I saw this skirt the other day and thought, 'my girl needs this skirt' (or maybe it was Smootch hanging over my shoulder saying, "Mama, I neeeeeed that skirt!" Whatever :D)

So, I wrestled my machine into doing one more project before it heads off for a tune up and Smootch test drove her new skirt yesterday:

My skirt isn't as twirly as Made's, but it was much simpler to construct. I put together a simple a-line skirt. The tulle was cut into 2" strips and sewed at the midpoint lengthwise onto the skirt in rows all the way around. Instead of pre-gathering the tulle, I gathered as I sewed by stretching the tulle width-wise. Slow, but I still found it faster than two seperate steps.

Smootch adores the skirt, despite it's relative untwirlyness. I like it too, though the colour contrast makes my eyes a bit sore. I'm thinking that a mama version might be fun for... well, I can't think of a single appropriate occasion, but who, really has an excuse to wear tulle. It's just something you have to go for.


For more detailed instructions, visit Pink Picket Fence for her lovely version.


  1. You version is adorable! Thanks for the tip about stretching the tulle to gather it. I always prefer one-step solutions too. :-)

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  3. I love it, and the idea of a momma version too! I'm on board if you do it, then we could have "tulle day" or something which would be our excuse to wear tulle. :-D

  4. You are my idol...from the fuzzy coat to this skirt and everything in between...I love your stuff!! My daughter has 4 of your peasant tops in her drawer right now!

  5. It turned out GORGEOUS! I made one as well after seeing it on Pink Picket Fence:
    Thanks for the tip on gathering the tulle. I had a difficult time with it and will remember to do that next time (what next time?)

  6. I would love more details on your version of how to do this. I am planning to sew this up for my 4yo, and anything that makes it easier is great- but I don't think I really understand your step about the tulle.

  7. Thank you so much for your blog! All these tutes are fabulous! Really thank you so much (i've been meaning to write a thank you for months, but only just getting around to it)...


  8. Thank you all!

    If you'd like more detailed instructions, pop over here:

  9. Wait. Hold the phone. You are fantastic. Tulle IS just something you have to go for. My, my.