excuses, excuses

Ah, so much for all my good, be dependable, blogging aspirations. I'm having a terrible time staying on track with the blogging and the pattern making. I am very much hoping to have a pattern out for the bush hat for children's sizes (adults will have to wait a bit) by the end of the week. I've been playing and testing in the evenings after the kidlets go to bed. Or that is the intention at least, until Birdie Boy decided to catch a bit of a tummy bug. I won't gross you out with the details.

But still, just can't keep a good pattern down. Here is my favorite test hat (and my favorite model).While I've got you here, reading my sad excuses for blog neglect, I should also mention that the infrequency of the posting will continue for awhile. In about 2 or 3 weeks my little family and I will be moving our worldly possessions - after selling or donating 90% of the bulk - into a hovel on wheels and beginning an extended scouting mission in the next province over to see if we can hear a place calling to us. I expect our motorcoach living to be four weeks minimum. It shall be an experiment in finding joy. And patience. And laundrymats.

I shall also be taking some fabric, needles, and thread, along with the laptop and my notebook of ideas. The inspirations never care that I'm busy doing other things and I'm sure I can find an internet connection here and there and have a chance to say 'hi!' to y'all. Smootch and I have been plotting something too and we're hoping to get a chance to give it ago without the distractions of normal life.

But that's not for weeks! Which is practically forever away. In the meanwhile, a major dejunking of the home, craft supplies, fabric, and tester garments I've made must happen. Wish me luck (or at least endurance :D).


  1. Great fabrik, great hat, I love it.
    And it looks better on a little girls head than a princess crown would do.

    Good luck and have a wonderful time.

  2. Awesome hat! An inspired choice of fabric.

    Good luck with the de-clutter. We've been doing something simillar and it really takes it out of you.

    Look forward to hearing about your adventures :o)

  3. What a great hat! And goodluck with your adventures, they sound very, very exciting!

  4. Good luck! Hope all goes well!

  5. i just discovered your blog recently, in fact I think I was steered in your direction via another blog...
    Love the hat and as soon as I find the energy, I will try it out... many years back I made similar ones for my boys...

    Now's the time in life to make that big move! Wishing the best that you find what you need.

  6. Best wishes on your family adventure! Hope you all find a place to call your own. Thanks for all you have shared with us thus far!

    Safe travels!

  7. When I was 9, my single mom moved my two sisters and I across country in a Chevy extra-long van, and then lived with us for a few months in it in San Francisco. One of the best times of my life. :p Come to think of it, we also did something similar when I was really young, and my dad was still around. Definitely hugely fun as a kid. I can't answer for my mom, though. :p