later gator

We are out of here for an extended weekend at the North Country Fair music festival. I hope for new inspirations, but I'll take the good music and good friends and be happy.

In the meanwhile I thought I would share a couple of my favorite tutorial complilation sites, where there is so much crafty goodness to be found it actually makes my head hurt. The Crafty Crow is stuffed full of great children's craft ideas and One Pretty Thing has 12 to 16 mimimum links to great tutorials everyday.

Feel free to share your links to craft collective sites - I love to go see the fantastic ideas even I will never in a million years have time for even a fraction of the projects. And every one have a good weekend, which hopefully includes some good music and good friends too :)

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  1. Not a craft site, but if you're looking for inspiration or to purchase a finished item made by independant Canadian business-people, www.indienorth.com is my favorite site. Beth runs the site and she's an accomplished seamstress herself. I find myself looking at the featured shops and thinking "gee... I can make that... that's a fantasic idea!"