scary paper plate crabs

Here's one to do with the wee ones for Halloween decorations. I can not really justify why exactly crabs are Halloween-esque, except for the ones little Smootch and her father put together are, frankly, a little freaky:
These pie plate crabs are a favorite with Smootch. She has made a few of them now, experimenting with different mediums and personalities. Here is one that she has decorating her room:
To get your own scary crabs, you need a one paper plate per crab, construction paper or a stiffer paper like water colour paper, paints/markers/crayons, scissors and glue stick.

The paper plate is to be the main part of the body. Decorate in any way you like. Paper plates tolerate water colours quite well, so if you are not particular that may be a good place to start.

Have the wee one shape the edges of the crab with scissors, if desired.

Take your construction or water colour paper and decorate, paint and fill with colour. Once paper is dry, fold right sides together (the pretty side) and on the wrong sides draw 4 crab legs (or so) and a pincher claw. Cut out the legs and claw, with paper folded, to make a total of 8 legs and 2 claws. Or so.

Glue the claws onto the backside of the plate so they come out crab-like. Generally the eyes can be cut from the scraps to stick up from between the two claws, or a face can be drawn on by the wee one if they desire (Smootch likes to make a little crabby smile somewhere on the plate, without reference to position of the eyes). If you are feeling like you need to take your little aquadic spook show on the road, put two holes in the plate in the approximate position of your eyes and attach a popsicle stick on the bottom to hold up for a mask.

Smootch would like me to mention at this point that bandaids are great ways to heal crabs when they are attacked by cats. Note the damage to her Pop-Eye crab (so named because one of the eyes was 'popped out' by a lion from Africa - if you have a 4 year old you'll know how wonderfully bizarre their reasoning can be):Definitely do not forget to place a sign warning people of attack crabs on the premise.
Viola, you have an invasion (or infestation) of freaky crabs. Happy Halloween!
(and for all you people who have been reading this giggling naughtly, I have actually been flirting with the idea of costuming myself as a victim of a crab attack, but since my night will be spent with bunch of under fives and potentially my mother in law I think I just shouldn't go there :D)

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