random tip numero uno

Meaning there will be more tips to come. Hoping anyway :)

Topstitching thread: need some and don't have any? Instead of taking a trip to your fabric store, add a second spool to your machine. Just thread it through your machine and needle the same way as your first, putting both threads through the needle hole. Looks just as good as regular thick top stitching thread. Trying using two similar but not quite exact shades when topstitching woven fabrics with mulitple threads such as tweed to get a better blended look.


  1. There's topstitching thread?

    Oy, what cave have I been living in? I had no idea.

  2. oooohhhhh, that's a great idea! thanks for the tip!

  3. Do you have any trick, if there is no second spool holder on the machine?

    Thanks and greetings from Germany,


  4. I join adrienne in the ignorance of topstitching thread, but I'd imagine, Frau Traumberg, that you can use two bobbins rather than one regular spool. Just pile them on top of each other.